Climate Change as Class War

I don't believe we're going to solve climate change in a room: Together with Matthew T. Huber we discuss a Marxist perspective on climate change.

In this podcast we talk to Matthew T. Huber, author of "Climate Change as Class War", about the urgent need for structural change in order to fight the ongoing climate crisis. Huber argues that shifting power to the working class and restructuring energy production systems are crucial steps. In his book he also speaks about the dominant discourse led by educated professionals - and its limitations in mobilizing mass support due to its focus on small-scale solutions and carbon guilt.

Instead we should strive for a more ambitious, mass-oriented approach to climate politics that addresses systemic issues: Huber advocates for rebuilding the labor movement and integrating climate demands into broader movements against austerity and capitalism.

Dieser Podcast ist in Kooperation mit dem Tanzquartier Wien entstanden.