Nikita Dhawan on feminism, global inequality and hashtag activism

In her research, Nikita Dhawan, a political scientist from India, focuses on human rights, democracy, the process of decolonisation and global justice. We met her for an in-depth conversation after her lecture at Tanzquartiers Tashweesh Festival. 

One thing is certain: Conversations with Nikita Dhawan keep you busy for days, maybe weeks after you held them. Her thoughts on economic, historical, socio-political and cultural issues are sharp, they are convincing and they reveal the need for action towards a functioning global togetherness. In this edition of the period podcast, we talk to her about transnational feminism, different strands of feminism and the limitations of these kinds of proclamations of shared vulnerability and shared agency. 

We also talk about how to understand the concept of solidarity and about a topic that got a little more attention after the death of the Queen: The Western world's approach to colonialism. Finally, we turn to the feminist saviour complex and how events in Iran contrast with it, and we talk about whether hashtag activism is useful or if a genuine change needs a different method. 

Dieser Podcast ist in Kooperation mit dem Tanzquartier Wien im Rahmen des Tashweesh Festival 2022 entstanden.

Foto: (c) Alexi Pelekanos